Uldir WF Race Day 3: US 5/8, Devourer Down


A surprising one to say the least, it looked like we were getting one of those mid-week 2 days where nothing at all happens, as 20ish guilds were at the “cap” of 4/8 and the top guilds either hit their heads against a wall or went to gear up in other places, but then it all changed at near the end.

It was a whole lot of nothing almost all day today, as Vectis kills and 4/8 guilds kept stacking up, reaching 25 or so and featuring the first Asian guild, Alpha, to down the big red…thing. Method tried a bit of Fetidness but then decided to go gear up in Mythic+ instead.

And then another hotfix nerf happened, reducing the health of adds once again by 10% and reducing  melee damage and Shockwave Stomp by 10%, around 6-7PM CET. But even that seemingly didn’t change much as US/OC guilds kept going for it and Method switched back to the boss and ultimately stopped around 1 AM. We were quickly back to no action and Vectis kills for a while when the very unexpected happened and Limit just showed up with the kill! A massive World First and taking of the lead as everyone presumed the boss to still be unkillable as Method couldn’t do it, but the US No.1 took down Fetid Devourer some 8-9 hours after the nerf and were the first to climb to that 5/8.


With Zul, Reborn now in their sights, Limit remain alone on top, as no one has challenged them as of yet. It’ll now be interesting to see what exactly the difficulty curve was intended to be (if Zul doesn’t suffer the same issues as Devourer) and whether the bosses will live long, at least until G’huun.

Method and Exorsus begin raiding in an hour or so and then we’ll see if it was simply a matter of time after the hotfix nerf or if Limit really did something special and will hold on to the lead for a significant amount of time. Since they’re one of the few guilds not streaming, if they figured out a new strategy or team composition it might really take other guilds a long time to find the correct way to tackle the boss, and the first raid of Battle for Azeroth may just see the first WF for the US since Heart of Fear back in Mists of Pandaria!

In the end we have 30 guilds on 4/8 staring at a newly nerfed Fetid Devourer, so it’s going to be an exciting morning on the Method stream today, as they rush to catch up. Meanwhile you can follow the race updates live over on the raid progress site and we’ll see you tomorrow for another summary!


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