Uldir Mythic WF Race Day 2: Fetid Devourer Endboss


Day 2 of the first BfA race has been a bit of a shock as we’re still at only 4 bosses down! It seems Uldir won’t go the way of Emerald Nightmare as half of its bosses are still alive and no new kills happened all day, despite the EU guilds having caught up very quickly.

Method and Exorsus spearheaded the EU charge, as expected, and caught up to the US guilds fast, starting with getting to 3/8 in around 2 and a half hours. All that was left was Vectis and he took a bit more time, lasting 4 hours for Method, who got the World 3rd, with Exorsus getting there 2 hours later for the World 4th.

Method’s Vectis World 3rd kill video

We now had 4 guilds on 4/8, with Big Dumb Guild and Limit from the day before and Method and Exorsus freshly arrived. With the speed of the 4/8 clear for both Method and Exorsus it was expected that they’d carry on and get to that 5/8 relatively quickly, especially since Fetid Devourer was already quite significantly nerfed, but that’s where things got interesting.


So, it seems the encounter team wasn’t really paying any attention whatsoever when the Devourer was being tested, as even the pretty big health nerfs to the boss and adds from yesterday weren’t even close to enough to keep him within the difficulty curve. No guild has managed to down him so far, as he’s become Uldir’s gatekeeper. This brings us back to the good old Heart of Fear days when the first boss of that raid was the hardest in the instance before the inevitable nerf, and Imperial Vizier Zor’lok wasn’t exactly a favorite of the raiders back then. It seems inevitable that Fetid Devourer will get nerfed, because even if Method, Exorsus, BDG or Limit can down him today, the amount of effort required to do so is a little too big for the 5th boss in the first raid of the expansion. With the nerf coming in a hotfix, the big question will be when the hotfix will arrive, as whoever is raiding at that point, be it EU, US/OC or Asia, will almost certainly be getting that World First, which isn’t very conducive to a race.

Method’s Zek’voz EU First kill video

In other news, we saw a lot more of Zek’voz, with 17 total guilds having downed him over on US/OC servers and 22 on EU so far. We also got some more Vectis kills, with Memento, Wildcard Gaming, vodkaz and Blood Legion claiming the World 5th through 8th and joining the top 4 on 4/8.

We also got to see the Asia servers come up, with three guilds already on 3/8 – AFK R, Alpha and Jitianhong, showing that they’re very much o the same competitive level as the EU and US/OC guilds, considering how fast they’ve cleared the first three, but they don’t really get the same chance to show it, starting 2 days after US/OC. If the race ends up being a long one, they might have the opportunity to catch up properly.

And so day 2 was a bit of a stall, with everyone catching up, but not really progressing, as Fetid Devourer stands in everyone’s way. We’ll see if the boss is actually impossible or if he just requires a lucky try where everything goes perfectly (and then some). Meanwhile, here’s the boss strutting around like he owns the place, since he knows he’s not getting killed any time soon:

As always, stay tuned to Method’s live progress coverage for all the up-to-date news and we’ll see you back here tomorrow to find out what (if anything) happens on day 3.


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